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  • Taiwan
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58 min
  • Society
  • Human Interest


Brief synopsisToyota car dealer Hwang chose his profession because he heard that "You get lots of time off." But customers are fickle, the boss is sarcastic, and the sales quota is over the rainbow. Dressed for work in shirt and tie, he sings karaoke, takes his girlfriend out and plays with his infant son. With his cellphone close at hand, there's no time for rest. With a supporting cast including his separated wife who never reveals her face to the camera, his fearsome mom who grieves for her degenerate son, and Hwang's darling son whose twin brother was abducted to Japan, this is the humorous and pathetic life of a salesman.

Festivals & Awards

2001 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival - Asia Current Section
2001 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival


  • Director
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