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Lasting Impressions of Ching Tien Street

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  • Taiwan
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55 min
  • Portrait
  • Urban
  • Rural
  • Politics
  • History


One city: what type of poignant story would motivate people to further investigate?

One building: what historical qualities are required for a building to be worthy of preservation?

One lifetime: within their lifetime, what acts of greatness do the people need to perform in order to achieve legendary status?

Ching Tien Street is a tiny part of Taipei City’s recent history. Its buildings are the perfect setting to host discussions about the area’s history. This story is about residents of this community during the pre and post war eras. How could a preservation movement rekindle past friendships and be the vehicle for new, multinational friendships to develop? Will the wood framed Japanese houses on Ching Tien Street disappear within Taipei citizens’ memories as the city becomes more developed? Or will they take on a positive role in the future?

Copyright © Yun-hsia YU. All Rights Reserved.

Director Statement

Due to the uncertainty of the era and the abundance of cultural history, it would be more powerful to capture the audience’s heart by making a documentary about an everyday life story. Even after many years have passed, memories of childhood and its land should be equally as poignant regardless of your race or nationality. I hope that the viewers will have their own questions answered regarding the progress of development in cities. I hope that because of this film more people will be stimulated to search within their local community to seek its culture and history. I invite you to come to Ching Tien Street and we can walk through its history together.

Copyright © Yun-hsia YU. All Rights Reserved.

Festivals & Awards

2010 Local Voice Film Festival


  • Director
  • Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Editor
  • Executive Producer
  • Script Writer
  • Sound Designer
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