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  • Taiwan
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45 min
  • Urban
  • Rural
  • Science
  • Nature Environment


In 2007, Kaoshiung Harbor ranked seventh among the world’s major ports for unsustainability. To remedy the situation, port authorities drew up plans to build the Sixth Container Center, dubbed the Intercontinental Container Terminal, in order to comply with international shipping standards, promote free trade zone and reverse the derelict condition of the port. With the creation of the Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Centre, the area of Hongmaogang village was leveled into a plain, and with it a 300-year old fisherman’s village was wiped off the map. Homeless is a film about people who have lived in a place for generations losing their roots, and how their destinies were changed by the invisible hands building the port.

Source: Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Festival

Festivals & Awards

2011 Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Festival
2011 Golden Harvest Awards - Nominee for Best Student Works
2011 Golden Harvest Awards
2011 Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Festival


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