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Wansei Painter - Tetsuomi Tateishi

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  • Taiwan
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59 min
  • History
  • Portrait
  • Wansei


TATEISHI Tetsuomi was born in Taiwan in 1905. He returned to his birthplace to find painting subjects and then he had been attracted by the landscape and local cultures of Taiwan. During his stay in Taiwan, he made oil paints, illustrations and wood engravings for the magazine Minzoku Taiwan (Taiwanese Folklore).

He was regarded as a promising painter, but his achievements were to be forgotten when he was repatriated to Japan at the end of WWII and lost most of his paintings. He earned a living as an illustrator for children’s books, but finally achieved unique expressions in his last years. This film reveals his ambition and struggle, and reflects the dramatic political, cultural and social change in Taiwan.

Festivals & Awards

2016-05-06 Taiwna International Documentary Festival - Taiwanese Competition


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