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  • Taiwan
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138 min


YE Si’s cultural insights are evident in his works, which reflect an era of time in Hong Kong. His oeuvres comprise poetry, proses, fictions and critiques, with each genre exhibiting a facet of his literary excellence.

When the documentary was initiated in 2009, YE Si suggested the filming crew, "If you want to understand me, you should get acquainted with my friends. You will find parts of me in each of them". Following YE Si’s suggestion, the production team embarked on an exploratory journey into his life from 1950 through the 21st century as a series of interviews took place. The interviewees include scholars, writers, artists, fashion designers, and food connoisseurs, as well as YE Si’s family.

This documentary has captured rare footage of YE Si’s last years of life. Beautiful and poetic, the film also epitomizes the vibrant culture of Hong Kong, viable for interdisciplinary collaborations and the exchange of ideas.


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