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Bohemians in Taipei : The Life of Theatre

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  • Taiwan
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50 min
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"Bohemians in Taipei: The Life of Theatre" documents a group of artists living in Taipei who have committed themselves to creating and performing theatre. Some are no longer young, but theatre work continues to incite their creativity. They are either out of work, working part-time, or have temporary jobs; but theatre is still the main thing in their lives. Theatre provides a minimal and unstable income, and their lifestyles are remarkably thrifty and frugal. But these financial shortcomings do not limit their theatrical ambitions.

Beyond learning about these intrepid characters, who have diverged from the customs and traditions of most of their peers, this documentary provides an opportunity to reflect on one's own life values.

Whereas Taiwan's "economic miracle" has been well documented, this film is the first comprehensive documentation of the nation's equally remarkable "theatre miracle," creating a vivid record of the lives and times of a group of young artists struggling to fulfill their dreams.


source: Taiwan International Documentary Festival

Director Statement

Copyright © HUNG Hung. All Rights Reserved.

Festivals & Awards

2004 Taiwna International Documentary Festival
2004 Taiwna International Documentary Festival

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